The Reclamation of Nentir Vale

Kobold Hall, part 2

Weary after their battles, the intrepid adventurers decided to encamp within Kobold Hall, relying on Tweep’s keen elven senses to alert them to any danger. Unfortunately, kobolds are very stealthy, and a small group of them attempted an ambush on the sleeping party. Tweep shouted a warning in time for most of the group to get on their feet to meet the attack, but Durthin, being a sound sleeper, did not wake immediately. As kobolds rushed in, many in the party panicked and began a retreat, but stalwart Durthin, once he was roused, met the monsters head-on to guard the group’s reorganization.

Durthin’s warhammer made quick work of two of the kobolds, while Adran’s spells did for a third. Velarkis seized on the sudden change in fortune, dashing toward the small group attempting to hold onto a retreat corridor. Two sling-wielding kobolds were unable to deter her from tearing into the guard drake that protected them. While Tweep eliminated the last remaining kobold from the initial wave, Durthin joined Velarkis in her assault on the guard drake. The two remaining kobolds, realizing that their ambush had failed utterly, retreated back down the steps into a deeper part of the dungeon, just as Velarkis finished off the drake.

The group briefly considered pursuing the fleeing kobolds, but concluded that their decisive victory would serve to prevent further attacks. They returned to the camp and finished resting up.

In the morning, the party once again pushed onward into the depths of Kobold Hall’s crypts. The next room had been converted into a sort of sports field, where the kobolds played a strange game called “Skull-skull,” which involved a large rock tethered by a long rope to the ceiling. The rock was covered in glue, and the object was to swing it toward any of several piles of skulls stacked atop the sarcophagi in the center of the room. A point was scored for every skull that stuck to the rock long enough for it to return to the raised platforms from which the rock was swung.

The two slingers who had survived the previous night’s ambush attempted to use the rock to knock the adventurers into a sludge-filled pit in the midst of the sarcophagi. They were unsuccessful, and they quickly fell to the group’s missile weapons and spells.

Finally, the party approached one of their objectives: the lair of the kobolds’ leader. Throwing caution to the wind, they charged into a large room, arrows and spells flying. In no time, the kobolds had set off their final trap: a large boulder crashed into the room, rolling around in a groove cut into the floor. In addition, the kobold leader’s pet wind drake, Velarkis’ arrow in its shoulder, managed to snatch Adran’s wand out of his hand, depriving the wizard of his focus. Tweep stepped in and knocked the drake right out of the air with a single blow of her longsword, allowing Adran to retrieve his wand swiftly.

Durthin evaded the rolling boulder by scaling a wall in the center of the room, allowing him to engage a kobold who was wielding a sling from atop the wall. In the meantime, Velarkis bashed in a door so the rest of the group could hide while the boulder rolled by. As he dodged into the room, Adran blasted the kobold leader with a ray of frost, slowing it down and preventing it from entering the battle quickly enough to make a difference. Velarkis, Adran and Tweep slaughtered the single kobold trapped in the small room with them, then emerged after the boulder had rolled by to engage the kobold leader’s bodyguard.

Durthin jumped down off the wall behind the bodyguard, distracting it so that Velarkis could deliver a death blow just as the kobold leader finally got in position to begin casting spells. Tweep called on her Feywild heritage to teleport directly behind the kobold, and Durthin turned to face it, forcing it to pay attention to him while the warlord attacked from behind. The kobold priest could not deal with two powerful warriors simultaneously and expired.

Searching the room and the kobolds, Adran was overjoyed to discover that the priest had a magic wand far superior to his own. He also found a crude note written in Draconic, which Velarkis translated as instructions about how to pierce an illusion that hid a secret door in the room. Evidently, the priest could not remember the instructions, so he wrote them down, entirely defeating the purpose of hiding the door to begin with.

Eager to find out what the kobolds were hiding, Velarkis opened the door and was met by a blast of frigid air. Quipping about how ridiculous it would be to find a dragon in the basement, Adran led the group downward yet again to a natural cavern. A shallow pond in the center of the cave was frozen solid, and Adran realized the depth of his error as a small white dragon attempted to ambush the group.

Keen eyesight and the dragon’s bulk prevented most of the adventurers from being surprised as the dragon hurtled out of the darkness toward them. Adran’s new wand flashed red, and a huge ball of fire materialized between the dragon and the party. Velarkis threw herself in its path, her swords whirling, and Tweep drew up beside her. The dragon roared its challenge, but the stalwart party was unimpressed, meeting its approach with steely eyes.

The dragon spewed its icy breath at the warriors before it, but both Tweep and Velarkis avoided it handily. Supported by Tweep’s shouts of encouragement, Velarkis carved huge pieces of flesh from the dragon’s body. Durthin, recovering from his surprise, stepped forward to Tweep’s other side and joined the fight. Meanwhile, Adran sank into a trance, sending gouts of flame from the sphere he had summoned at the dragon’s flanks.

The dragon, assessing its foes, decided to attack the lightly armored Velarkis rather than dealing with either of the two metal-clad warriors. Its claws raked over Velarkis, but she bore up under the pain and struck again and again, each time exacting a terrible price in blood.

More swiftly than could be expected, the dragon was slain, and our heroes were at last victorious. A search of the cavern turned up a chest containing the dragon skin wanted by Teldorthin, a magic longsword, a note from someone named “Irontooth” and some money.

The Irontooth note is written in draconic and reads as follows: “Your skull kickers raids on trains to winterhaven have made things easyer for us. our spy says that the adventur collectors are coming. you should kill them befor they get strong. then we are allies and help each other. send kobold to blood eater tribe when adventerers are dead. Irontooth”



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